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2019 European Champion: Alina Kashlinskaya!
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The final was full of drama and high tension battles! Inna Gaponenko who started the day as the heavy favourite for the title, played a nervous game against Stefanova. In fact both players were under 30 min after 13th move. It was clear that the thought of becoming champion being that close got into Gaponenko’s mind as her decision making process wasm’t running as smoothly as before. In the Antoaneta Stefanova carried the game into a winning queen endgame and scored a fine win; showing her real class as a former WC!

This meant Kashlinskaya & Sebag may have taken the first place with 8,5 points by winning their games but since they had already drawn against Cramling and Dzagnidze respectively they’ve just managed to tie with Gaponenko. When Paehtz also won against Atalik a hard-fought game there was a five way tie: Gaponenko, Kashlinskaya, Sebag, Stefanova and Paehtz all tying for first place with 8 points.

This meant that the champion would be decided by tie-breakers and it was Alina Kashlinskaya who had the highest tiebreaks as she led the championship until the last few rounds, playing against stronger opponents than most. Second place went to Marie Sebag and it was Elisabeth Paehtz who took the bronze! Gaponenko and Stefanova have got the fourth and fifth places!

Thus we have left a very exciting championship behind! We wish all participants success in their careers and would like to see them another time here in Turkey at another wonderful organization!

Announcement Regarding Departure Transfers
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Dear Participants,

Please check the list below for the transfers and if there is no information regarding yours we kindly ask you to come to TCF desk and inform us.

Transfer List

R10: Inna Gaponenko Clear First, Sebag and Kashlinskaya At a Half Point Distance
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One can perhaps argue that the round before the last is perhaps even more important than the final one! It sets the tone of the final round as the tournament situation greatly affects the players’ attitude to the game. We’ll see how much of this will hold true after tomorrow’s final round.

Today we’ve seen a very quick 9-moves draw on top board to the disappointment of spectators. Both Gaponenko and Sebag probably considered that there is much more to lose than to gain so they decided not to risk anything. With this quick draw Gaponenko moved to 8 points and thus has guaranteed to enter the final round as clear first whereas Sebag increased her score to 7,5 and also made sure of a shared second place going into final round.

The quick draw on top board gave a chance to players with 6,5 points to catch up with Sebag and to cut the gap with the leader to half points only. Something which only Alina Kashlinskaya managed to do so! She has played a theoretical Grünfeld endgame better than her opponnent, still there was hardly any reason for Bodnaruk to sacrifice a pawn for some psuedo-activity. A fine comeback after yesterday’s loss, well done!
Gaponenko Beats Kashlinskaya To Stay Alone At The Top!
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The ninth round was a big step ahead for Inna Gaponenko on the way to the title! The Ukrainian beat Alina Kashlinskaya who had been leading the whole way so far thanks to Russian’s inaccuracies in an endgame that should have ended in a draw.

Gaponenko – Kashlinskaya
Gaponenko Joins Kashlinskaya In Lead, WFM Çağlar Secures IM-Norm
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There were many interesting developments in the eighth round. The two clashes on top two boards, Kashlinskaya-Ushenina and Tsolakidou-Sebag ended in correctly played, high-level, but fairly uneventful draws which once again allowed Alina Kashlinskaya to take her leading position to the next round regardless of what happens in other boards.

However that also meant that the winner of Atalik – Gaponenko on third board could tie for first at 6,5 points with Kashlinskaya and it was exactly what Ukrainian IM Inna Gaponenko did! Atalik should have mixed up something in the opening because Gaponenko took the game almost by force into a pawn up endgame with rooks and opposite color bishops. The latter fact presented some drawing chances but with rooks on board it’s never easy for the defending side and Gaponenko’s exemplary patient play brought down the resistance of IM Atalik and the Ukrainian scored an important win!

On fourth board Polish WGM Jolanta Zawadzka scored a fine win against the top seed Aleksandra Goryachkina. It can also be said that the Russian player had a horrible day and a few strange decisions of hers cost Goryachkina very dearly. Khotenashvili – Brunello was a tour de force from the Georgian star and Bela Khotenashvili won quite comfortably.
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