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Third Round in Antalya
IMG 5553As GM Ioannis Papaioannou put it today in a short interview,” women’s play have been of a very interesting and fighting natüre” and today was certainly no exception, well except the two quick draws on top two boards. The round even saw an event which will surely go down into pages of chess history as a curiosity but more on that later.

The games between leaders on top four boards ended in draws with the first two being very quick as already stated but the 3rd and 4th boards saw very hard fought games. It was just because chess is a draw when played correctly that we saw two draws on these boards.

The first decisive game we encounter as we go down the game list is the clash between Guichard and Dzagnidze. GM Nana Dzagnidze played a good game well until zeitnot but as some past master stated one bad move is enough to nullify 40 good ones. Guichard used the given opportunity and went on to win:
Departure Transfers
maskot duyuruDear Participants;

Please check your transfer information for departure from the link below.

Departure Transfers

In case of any change or missing departure information please send e-mail until 20 April 23:00 
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A Round of Missed Chances, Draws and Tough Struggles
IMG 5240If one is deceived by ratings and watch only men chess he/she is missing definitely a lot! Today’s round in Antalya was definitely a chess feast where you could find everything: theoretical discussions, fierce attacking games as well as fine examples of resourceful defence, tactics, positional play, mistakes…In short, everything that makes chess beautiful and humane!

On first board we witnessed a high class struggle between Nana Dzagnidze and Sabrina Vega Gutierrez! As it happened in Caruana – Carlsen games from London too, the game saw Black taking over the initiative in a Rossolimo Sicilian. Dzagnidze however played a very resilient game and perhaps for one or two instances the game was always within the drawing margin; at least for a human eye it wasn’t obvious how black could win. Both players deserve highest praise for their titanic struggle!

It was all draws well until the fifth board but as Tolstoy would say all draws had different stories.  Second board we saw one of the few short draws -if not the only one- of the championship between Badelka and Khotenashvili, third board saw Majdan agreeing to a draw in time trouble what seemed like a much better if not winning finale against Kashlinskaya. Finally on fourth board Matnadze and Stefanova played a good game with little shifts in balance here and there but revolving always around equality.
A Fighting Start!
calzettaIn chess as well as in life women always fight it until the end and today we have witnessed a great first round full of drama, excitement and surprising results! On first board WGM Calzetta Ruiz played as Ivan Sokolov put it in the commentary room an “inspired” game however Caissa failed her just when she needed to find a last little finesse to score the full point:
Opening Ceremony
img 51832019 European Women’s Individual Chess Championship has started officially with the opening ceremony.

FIDE Vice President and TCF President Ms. Gulkiz Tulay welcomed all the participants to yet another wonderful organization in Turkey and expressed her gratitude for their supports to Ministry of Youth and Sports, General Sports Directory and European Chess Union as well as everyone involved in making this championship happen; including the players.
ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili gave his opening speech after Ms. Tülay and he praised TCF for the high quality of events organized and wished success to all the players. After Mr. Azmaiparashvili’s speech the ceremonial first move on the first board was made by Ms. Tulay and the first round started shortly afterwards.
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