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FIDE Seminar For International Organizers
fide seminar
Objective: To educate and certify Organizers on an international basis. The seminar is co-organized during the European Women's Chess Championship and World School Chess Championship 2019 by FIDE Events’ Commission (EVE)
Subject: This seminar will be held at Antalya, Turkey from April 19 to April 21, 2019. Successfully Seminar attendees will grant a FIDE IO Norm necessary for the FIDE IO title application. Detailed  Regulations on Seminars & Title Award for Organizers.
Kashlinskaya Still Clear First, Followed by a Group of Five
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The seventh round didn’t change the leader as Sebag and Kashlinskaya agreed to a quick draw, probably because both players thought that it’s a needless risk to play against each other when they entered the round as sole first and second. However the number of players following Kashlinskaya half a point behind has increased and now Alina Kashlinskaya is facing more pressure to preserve her driving seat.

The game between Bodnaruk and Goryachkina on second board was probably the game of the day. The sheer complexity of the position reached after a long theoretical line of French Winawer was simply amazing! It would be unfair to criticize any of them but computer shows that Bodnaruk missed a win:
Kashlinskaya Clear First Going Into Rest Day
IMG 6095
The round just before a rest day in the middle of the tournament is always an important one. It was especially so for Kashlinskaya and Guichard because in case of a win one of them would have been clear first. In the end it was Alina Kashlinskaya who managed to do so and she has every right to be satisfied with herself and have a fantastic rest day!

The game itself was for most of its course a one-way traffic. Against Guichard’s King’s Indian Kashlinskaya opted for Makagonov Variation with 5.h3. It is quite a tricky variation the way Kashlinskaya played it with g4-h4, mainly because the King’s Indian player who lives and dies for kingside attacks doesn’t get what she wants but quite the opposite! One needs to play very precisely in order not find herself without any play as black and Guichard obviously couldn’t handle it so. Probably her mistake came at this point:
Kashlinskaya and Guichard Leading After Five Rounds
IMG 5922The less rounds there are to be played the more important the games become and so the tension becomes higher and higher. Even before the round it was clear from the atmosphere in the hall that things have become serious.

We saw lots of excitement on the top boards today. Hardly a game had a drawish course and we could see even more decisive games than it turned out to be. On top board Houska played a Reversed King’s Indian (King’s Indian Attack) setup against Kashlinskaya. Since the Russian star played a bit of a routine moves Houska could have emerged with some advantage had she taken 18. Bxd4 and force 18…exd4 instead of playing 18.b3?! and allowing 18…Ne6!.After that Black had a slightly more comfortable position and it took two mistakes of Houska (25. Qxa5? and 30.Nb6?) for Kashlinskaya to score the full point. A third victory for Alina Kashlinskaya and she definitely seems to be on fire!

Pauline Guichard joined Kashlinskaya in lead with a fine and unexpectedly easy win against Ekaterina Atalik. In a very typical IQP position IM Atalik misplayed completely -12…Bf5 and 13…Ne4? looked completely out of place- and ran into a standard trick:
A Pack of Six Leads With 3,5 Points After 4th Round
WhatsApp Image 2019-04-13 at 17.32.59A group of six players are in the lead after today’s round: Kashlinskaya, Guichard, Danielian, Atalik, Gaponenko and Houska who have won their games today and thus increased their score to 3,5/4. They are closely followed by a large number of players with 3 points, including amongst many also the top seed Goryachkina.

The wins on top boards today were all very interesting and well played by the winner throughout the game with perhaps few exceptions only. Kashlinskaya – Buksa saw the Russian star playing a line against Buksa’s Nimzo-Indian which -as she confessed after the game- she successfully uses in blitz games against her husband Radek Wojtaszek! One of the privileges of being married to an elite grandmaster is that you have one of the best possible sparring partners always by your side! After Buksa missed 12…c5! with the idea of Ba5 in case of 13. bxc5 White had a significant edge which only increased after few inaccuracies of the Ukrainian and Alina Kashlinskaya was ruthless in converting it to a win.

On fourth board we witnessed quite a spectacle! Eline Danielian of Armenia destroyed Cramling’s kingside completely with two bishop sacrifices!
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